This three-week program offers a number of interesting courses. It has a wide-application related to the environment, local community, heritage and tradition. The courses incorporate theory and practice, blended with the local culture and social activities. The summer school creates reciprocal partnership through which participants exchange ideas, share experience, discover new knowledge and establish network. Participants will learn and have hands-on experience by participating in various field trips and cultural programs.


Credits : 3 credits    
Duration : 3 weeks
Dates : Summer 2013 Session I : May 6 - May 24
    Session II : June 3 - June 22
Session III : July 01 - July 19
* A course could also be offered at different dates upon request


Application (Non-Refundable) : USD 20.00
Tuition : USD1,500.00
TOTAL : USD1,520.00